Friday, February 25, 2011


Many people made new years resolutions last month that revolve around weight loss, health, and nutrition.  Whether we are trying to lose weight or not we should ALL be concerned with our health.  I used to eat sooooo much white sugar and junk food.  I was not gaining weight because I exercised a lot so I kept eating it.  I did not realize the damage it was doing to my overall health until years later.

White sugar is in almost everything these days in some form or another.  High fructose corn syrup, the first ingredient in most processed food, is even worse than sugar.  It poisons your body and damages your health.  I know you are thinking, "How can I live without sugar or processed food!?"  I used to think that way.

It takes time to say bye bye to sugar.  It is hard at first, but your taste buds will slowly change.  Your sugar cravings will go away because it is actually the yeast buildup in your body that is craving more yeast from the sugar.  (Isn't that gross!) 

The safest alternatives to white sugar are sucanat (sugarcane natural), honey, and stevia (an herb).  You can even buy soft drinks sweetened with stevia now

I bake desserts at home with sucanat.  I sweeten my hot tea with raw honey...yummy!  Take a step to better health and slowly say bye bye to sugar!    Challenge:  There are over 140 different negative things sugar does to your body...can you find out what they are?

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  1. Wow! 140?!
    We have totally made the change to honey, sucanat, and Stevia...and maple syrup on occasion. Great post?
    Where do you get your raw honey?