Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Baby John!

I am sad and happy that my BABY just turned two years old on November 1st!  Time goes by so fast.  I don't understand how that happens because when I am in the middle of a chaotic moment with three boys it seems to make for a long day, but yet a short year.

I do try to appreciate every moment I have with my kids and I love them oh so much...of course every Mom does!  Here are some pictures of my "Baby John" a day after he turned the big TWO!!

                                          He loves to say cheese for the camera!

                                   He didn't wanna put down the sucker for the picture...
                                 yes my kids do eat bad things sometimes...and so do I...

                                        The sucker turned his mouth blue.  He smiles so hard 
                                          that his eyes shut and this always cracks me up!

                                  It's like he knows his shirt says, "I'm the best of the bunch"!
                                          Now look, you can see his precious eyes:)

"Happy Birthday Baby John!  I love you even though you put all the toilet paper in the toilet and dirty up cloth diapers that I wash and make messes of every meal you eat and cry for me to hold you...I love holding you and will miss the day you are too big for that."

 Tonight Baby John did something he had never done before.  I had been away from home for a few hours and he was with a babysitter.  After I got home and he ate a snack he followed me to my bedroom and got on my bed and motioned for me to come play.  He did this weird cute funny sign language thing (cause he doesn't talk much) and he went and shut the door and got on the bed and wanted me to play wrestle with him.  It was so sweet!  He had never asked me to play with him like that before....aww I love it!  Sometimes (a lot of times) we need to play with them:)  Children are a blessing from the Lord!