Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A New Look on the Lord's Prayer

This was a great Sunday School lesson by Sean Thomas that gave me a new look on the Lord's Prayer and the Basics of Prayer.  I thought I already knew all about the Lord's prayer (haha) but God still convicts me and shows me new and wonderful things in His Word!  I always need to be challenged and reminded to pray more.  Lets look at Luke 11 for a minute...

I noticed in verse 1 that he prayed in a "certain place".  Do you have a certain place that you go to to pray everyday and meet the Lord?  I like to pray lying in the bed talking to God as a friend as I drift off to sleep.  I like to pray in the shower at the beginning of a new day.  I like to pray about circumstances while driving down the road in the car.  I like to pray for my family while I am doing the laundry and the dishes.  But, the times when I really want to get ahold of God I go to my room and get on my knees and pour out my whole heart to God so only He can hear me.  You can pray anywhere and everywhere but it is meaningful to have a certain place you go daily to meet with God.

Alright, now here is what Bro. Sean taught on prayer.

1. Aproach God with Tenderness  "Our Father"
    -Sometimes we forget that God is our Daddy, Abba, sweet Father.  If you do not have a loving earthly father, you DO have a loving Heavenly Father who loves you tenderly.

2. Aproach God with Reverence  "which art in Heaven"
    -Sometimes I pray irreverently and quickly over my food, etc. and I forget that I am talking to GOD in HEAVEN...WOW!!  We would treat someone in authority on earth with respect, we should definetely treat God with reverence!

3. Aproach God with Respect  "Hallowed be thy name"
    -God is Holy and awesome.  He is to be worshiped and adored.  Holy means set apart.  He is above all!

4. Aproach God with Devotion  "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done"
   -We should continually be surrendered and devoted to God's will and not OUR will.  Some seasons I am more willing to do His will than mine.  In order for me to continually be surrendered to His will I must stay in prayer!  Sean said, "Is there anything in your life that is hindering God's Kingdom?"  "My worldly desires dwindle when God's will is exercised."

5. Aproach God with Humility  "His-thy will be done"
   -Life is not all about!  'His will is going to be accomplised, do you want to be a part of it?'  I want to!  I want to serve my King, my Creator, my Master and Father!  When I get to Heaven I want to hear "Well done my good and faithful servant."

Friday, March 25, 2011

What Can you Digest?

Sometimes our bodies need help digesting food because of various reasons.  Papaya mint tablets or chewables is something you can buy at a health food store ro help your food digest.  I bought these when I had eaten chili from Wendy's for a week straight while out of town and I got the worst indigestion and acid reflux at night!  No kidding!  You eat them with your meal and it is so easy!  Peppermint and chamomile also help digestion.

Sometimes our spirit has a hard time digesting truth from God's Word, or a rebuke from a friend.
This is when we take a dose of humility and a cup of openess and honesty!  It is healthy to have a close friend of the same sex that you can share your struggles with and they can pray with you and for you...and sometimes set you straight!  The Bible says, "Better is open rebuke than hidden love."  You may have a friend that is a Christian but they are doing something that is not biblical.  Pray about if God would have you kindly share with them the good and right way.  In so doing, you are truly loving them so they do not go down a wrong and rugged path away from God.  This is hard to do and it requires you taking a dose of courage and boldness!
We are all on this journey together and the Lord desires us to spur each other on toward love and good works...and a deeper love for Him!  So, don't get your feelings hurt when someone rebukes thankful instead.  And don't shy away from an opportunity to love someone by sharing the hard truth!  Let it sink it and get digested!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Check it Out

My husband has a website now that is still being updated, but you can check it out at

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I am a perfectionist.  I used to brag about it and think that it was a good thing, but now I am starting to see how it can be a BAD thing.  I prided myself in a clean, organized, spotless house.  I used to judge other people's homes if they were messy. 
(Those were the days before three kids, who live at home!)  I used to not be able to sit down and talk to my husband unless every little toy was picked up and the whole kitchen was clean.  All he wanted to do was talk to me, but I chose to clean instead.  I was obsessive about it and it began to drive my husband and I crazy.  The perfectionist in me chose a neat house over relationships.   The Bible tells us to be hospitable and have people over to love them and feed them and fellowship with them.  It is much more fun to have people over and make a mess than to miss fellowship and sit looking at a neat kitchen!

One root of perfectionism is pride...and that is sin.
I was caring too much about what other people thought of me.  I wanted people to admire me, respect me, and look up to me because they thought I was perfect.  We all know that nobody is really perfect, but among women we want other women to think WE HAVE IT ALL TOGETHER!  That is being selfish and self focused instead of letting God get the glory for being my strength when I am weak and fall short (which is most of the time!)  Let me just tell you that I do NOT have it all together and I never will until Jesus comes.  I want to take off my mask and BE REAL with you.  We all need Jesus to be our All in All; our strength when we are weak, our mind when we've lost ours:), our joy, our peace, our hope, our security, and so many other things.
So I invite you to throw out perfectionism and quit trying to be Supermom so others will say "Wow, she's awesome, how does she do it all and look great!?"  Instead, try to be more like Jesus so others will say, "Wow, her walk with God makes me want to be closer to God." 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Wear Yourself Out

On the way to Kentucky last week for revival we were listening to a sermon in the van.  The preacher was talking about the people in history who literally wore themselves out in service to the Lord.  I remember my husband reading the book Praying Hyde and it said that he prayed so hard everyday and night that his heart shifted to the other side and caused major health issues!  Can you imagine!?  Jesus prayed so hard in such anguish that he sweat drops of blood in the garden.

Jesus gave HIS ALL, HIS LIFE for us...the least we can do is serve Him.  The preacher said,"Have you ever wore yourself out for the Lord?"  I got to had been awhile since I wore myself out in service to God.  Well, after 11 days spent away from home going to church almost every night and Sunday twice a day with 3 boys and the baby waking me up at night and supporting my husband in prayer as he preaches and visiting with many people...I can now say that I wore myself out for God's glory!  It landed me in bed for several days with an awful cold and the devil tried to tell me I couldn't handle the lifestyle of evangelism...but I reminded him of the 2 souls saved, many hearts revived, and people encouraged in the Lord.  It was worth wearing myself out!
And Jesus brings rest and refreshment when we need it...He says to come to Him when we are weary and He will give us rest.  Praise God!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Natural Blonde Highlights

Getting highlights in your hair can be expensive and unhealthy because of the chemicals that are used.  Here is a natural "do it yourself" remedy for blonde highlights:

Boil water with chamomile flowers, strain.
Fill a spray bottle with apple cider vinegar and the water infused with chamomile.
Shampoo hair, then spray and rinse with the vinegar solution.
You may then use conditioner, but the cider vinegar gently conditions as well.
Repeat as often as you like until you see the highlights you like!