Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Moment with the Master 9

1.      Pray, thank the Lord and ask Him for wisdom and understanding.
2.      Read James 1:22.  What happens to you if you only hear the Word and do not do it?  What can you be sure to do so that you are not deceived?
3.      Read James 1:23-25.  The Bible is the mirror and the perfect law of liberty.  Liberty is freedom.  Christ came to set us free, not put us in bondage.  Sin is what puts us in bondage.  What happens if we continue looking into the perfect law, the Bible, and doing what is says?  Give some examples of how sin can put you or others in bondage and slavery.
4.      Read James 1:26.  What does it mean to bridle your tongue?  Define the word bridle.  What is our religion if we do not bridle our tongue?  Define the word vain. 
5.      Why do you think it is hard sometimes to control our tongue and what we say?  A good prayer to pray daily is that the Lord will set a guard over your mouth everyday. Read Psalm 19:14.   Do you think that what you think about and meditate on determines what comes out of your mouth?
6.      “Garbage in, garbage out” means that whatever you put in your heart and mind through music, radio, tv, movies, books and magazines, church and the Bible will come out in your life.  Do you agree?  What types of things do you put in your heart/mind on a daily basis?  Do you see those things influence your life at all?
7.      Read James 1:27.  What do you think pure religion is?  What does this verse say pure religion is?  Often the orphans and widows are forgotten.  Try to make it a point to reach out to a widow you know this month somehow.  Just to stop by and say hello means a lot to them. 
8.      What does it mean to keep your self unspotted from the world? (James 1:27)  Read Isaiah 1:16-17.  How does this verse relate to James 1:27? 
9.      Read Romans 12:2.  This is one of my favorite verses.  We are to keep ourselves unspotted from the world and not let this world conform us.  What does the word conform mean?  You can use your dictionary.  Instead we are to be transformed by what?  What does transform mean in the dictionary?  Why do we need to be transformed? 
10.  Read Matthew 25:35-40.  As you read these verses think about your life and when you have done the things it mentions, like feeding the hungry, etc.  When we serve the poor, hungry, homeless, sick and lowly people we serve the Lord Jesus.  These types of people can’t pay you back or make you popular.  They are just in need.  Colossians 3:23-24 says, “And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men: Knowing that of the Lord ye shall receive the reward of the inheritance: for ye serve the Lord Christ.”  Keep this verse in mind as you serve the Lord Jesus this week!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Moment with the Master

Moment with the Master Week 8
 Pray and thank the Lord for something specific He has done for you.  Sing a song in your heart or out loud to Him and worship Him.  (Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise).  Ask Him for wisdom (James 1:5) and ask Him to speak to you through your Bible reading today. 
1.       Read James 1:16.  This verse fit better with the last lesson about verse 14 and 15 talking about sin.  It says, “Do not err, my beloved brethren”  Err means to do or be wrong.  He says, do not be wrong, do not do wrong.  He addresses them as BELOVED BRETHREN which means he loves them like a brother and sister and they are very dear to him.  When you love someone you do not want them to be in sin or do wrong.  Have you ever had to tell someone you love to not do wrong?
2.       Read James 1:17.  Where is every good and perfect gift from?  Who does it come down from?  There is no variableness in God the Father meaning that He is not fickle and He does not change.
3.       Read James 1:18.  He, of His own will, begat us (became our Father) with the word of truth.  What do you think that means?  What is the word of truth?  Read John 1:1.  Who is the Word?  Read John 14:6.  Who is the truth?  What is the only way to the Father?  Therefore, God became our Father through sending Jesus His Son as the Way, the Truth and the Life.
4.       Read James 1:19.  The word wherefore is used to remind us that we are begotten for God’s service.  We are a child of the King!  Therefore, what should we be quick or swift to do?  What two things should we be slow to do?  James calls us beloved brethren again in this verse.
5.       Read James 1:20.   This verse is self explanatory.  What do you think the word wrath means?  By definition it means “violent anger or rage”.
6.       Read James 1:21.  The word wherefore is used again to remind us that we are begotten children of God.  As His children we should lay apart all filthiness and superfluity (exceeding what is sufficient) of naughtiness (sin).  Read Colossians 3:8.  List what we should put off.  Read 1 Peter 2:1 and list what we should put off.  The last part of James 1:21 is explained somewhat in Ephesians 1:13. 
7.       Read Ephesians 1:12-14.  This is what happens when a person gets saved.  List the steps according to this Scripture.  Is this what happened in your life?  Would you be able to share these steps with someone who wanted to become a Christian?  We must be ready to lead others to the Lord anywhere that we are.  First, one must hear the word of truth which is the gospel.  Then one must believe and put their trust in Jesus Christ.  Next, we are filled and sealed with the Holy Spirit which lives inside all believers and He counsels us and comforts us.   
8.       Application for Christian Living: Pick one person you know who is lost and one person you know who is saved and pray these verses (Ephesians 1:15-20) over them for a week.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Cross

The other day my 5 year old son and I were watching the movie, The Passion (about Jesus dying on the cross).  He wanted to watch it because I was watching a youtube video of the song Not Guilty.  Benjamin thought that at that moment in a different place some men were actually nailing Jesus on the cross.  He said, "Mommy why don't we care that Jesus died on the cross?"  I explained to him what was happening on the movie and that Jesus died on the cross a long time ago, etc.  His comment was convicting and it made me think...Do I act like I care that Jesus died on the cross for me?  The past two weeks I have been thinking a lot about the Cross because I was learning the song I have come by the Way of the Cross and I've been listening to another song about the cross and watching youtube videos from the Passion movie of Jesus suffering for our sins.  It has really made me think and stirred me up.  It made me cry again in awe of what Jesus went through for ME!  Then last night I was reading the book Heaven is for Real and it described Jesus and talked about the nail scarred hands...It made me fall in love with Jesus all over again!  He is sooooo good, so loving, so Holy, so incomprehendable but so REAL.  He wants a love relationship with us.  He doesn't just want to be something checked off a to do list.  (I read my Bible and said a prayer today-check).  He wants you to sit in His lap, imagine His eyes and His arms and His smile...and fall in love with Him.  By dwelling on the cross you will find fulfillment again if you have lost it.  "At the cross, at the cross where I first saw the light, and the burden of my soul rolled away, it was there by faith I received my sight, and now I am happy all the day!"

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Week 7 Moment with the Master

A Moment with the Master: Week 7
1.      Read James 1:9-11 after praying for wisdom and understanding.  These verses can seem confusing but take a guess at what they mean to stretch your brain muscles.  J  Or you could use a Bible commentary or the internet to discover what they mean.  That’s one way to study your Bible on your own.  (Pick a Scripture passage and look it up in commentaries or the internet).  Here are some of my thoughts on these verses.  God exalts (lifts up) the humble man/woman of low degree and he humbles the rich.  God humbles the rich at times so they will not trust in their riches.  Their riches will not last forever, they will fade away as quick as a flower lives and dies.  Your current condition in life is temporary because we will all perish one day.  Therefore, if you are poor rejoice that in Heaven you will be rich!  If you are rich, you mine as well give liberally to the Lord so you will have treasure in Heaven because it will not last on the earth.
2.      Read James 1:12.  You are blessed when you go through temptation and do not fall into the temptation.  The Lord will reward you for that.  List some other benefits of going through temptation and not succumbing to it.
3.      Read James 1:13. Does God tempt us?  Can God be tempted with evil?
4.      Read James 1:14.  When is every person tempted?  Have you seen this happen in your life?  God does not tempt us to do wrong.  Our own lust and bad desires draw us away and tempt us.
5.      Read James 1:15. What happens when lust is conceived?  What is the end result of sin?  When a person is living in sin it may be fun and enjoyable for many years but if they stay in it long enough it will bring death…spiritually and emotionally and maybe even physically.  Some people try a drug once and it kills them.  Others are in it for years.  God is patient and long suffering and if you are a child of God in sin then He will discipline you to get you to come out of it.  Sin should scare us in a way and we should fear the Lord and depart from evil.

Application:  Ask the Lord to search your heart and show you any sins in your life.  Be ready for him to show you and ask for the courage to repent and get rid of them so you can see the power of God work in your life.  Beg God for His touch on your life.  Love ya sisters, Brandi

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Moment with the Master Week 6

I am so proud of you for finishing the study of Psalm 63!  Now we are going to study the book of James.  It is one of my favorite books of the Bible.  It has a lot of practical things to learn and apply.
First pray and ask the Holy Spirit to forgive you and to teach you through the Scripture.
1.      Read James 1:1.  Who wrote this book and to whom did he write it to?
2.      Read James 1:2-4.  What are we supposed to count as joy?  What does the trying of your faith produce?  What happens after patience has her perfect work?
3.      Read Romans 5:3-6.  How are Romans 5:3-4 similar to James 1:2-4?
I love to remember these verses when I am going through trials.  All Christians go through trials at various times in our life.  Some trials are short, some are long, some seem like they will never end.  God has a perfect plan and a reason for each trial you go through.  He can see the end result and He is not worried one bit.  God knows how much pressure you can handle and will allow that trial and pressure to make you stronger.  Patience and endurance through trials strengthen your testimony.  That is what these verses are talking about.
4.      Read James 1:5 and Matthew 7:7.  What does God give freely if you just ask?  Proverbs talks a lot about searching for knowledge and understanding.  There are a lot of things we could ask for in prayer but one thing I ask for daily is wisdom.  When you have wisdom you are then able to make right choices which impact your entire life, even what you ask God for!
5.      Read James 1:6-8.  How are we supposed to ask God?  What does that mean?  Matthew 11:24 helps answer that question…read Matt. 11:24.  When we pray we must pray in faith believing that God will answer…because of course He can!  A double minded man prays double minded only halfway believing and thinking God can answer.
6.      This week think about some specific prayer requests or maybe just one prayer request that you can commit to prayer according to these verses.  Start getting in the habit of asking God for wisdom daily.  Change your way of praying from doubting to believing.  Expect God to answer!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Moment with the Master Week 5

We have been studying Psalm 63 and will finish it this week.  Take some time now to pray and reread all of Psalm 63.  Ask the Holy Spirit to teach you and counsel you and help you understand the Scripture.
Read Psalm 63:6.  What do you think about when you lay down to go to sleep?  I usually think of everything I did that day, things I didn’t get to do, and my huge to do list for the next day.  Thinking on those things just makes me feel overwhelmed.  The Lord doesn’t want us to feel overwhelmed, discouraged or even worried and stressed.  He wants us to sleep sweetly and feel rested as we meditate on Him.  Psalm 42:8 says, “Yet the Lord will command his lovingkindness in the daytime, and in the night his song shall be with me, and my prayer unto the God of my life.”  You can think of songs and say prayers as you lay in bed.  I love to drift off to sleep while I have been praying to Jesus laying in bed.  It is so peaceful!  Maybe tonight we can practice drifting off to sleep thinking of Jesus instead of counting cows jumping over the moon! 
Read Psalm 63:7.  Why did David rejoice in the shadow of His wings?  List some ways God has been your help.  There are so many ways God has been my help and I am so thankful!  One way He has been my help is by providing for me financially.
David is rejoicing in the shadow of His wings.   He began to praise God by raising His hand and now he is close enough to God to be in His shadow…that’s close!
Read Psalm 63:8. What does David mean by his soul followed hard after thee?  Sometimes it is not easy to follow God.  We grow weary and tired and are tempted and tried.  We get busy and lazy and distracted.  We MUST be diligent to follow HARD after God…all the time.  Diligent means “steady, earnest and energetic effort, painstaking”.  Do you give steady (some everyday, consistent), earnest (a seriously intent, sober, important,a want to, desire, passion) and energetic effort in seeking God?  Ouch, that’s convicting!  Lord, forgive me and help me to be diligent in seeking you.
The end of verse 8 says “thy right hand upholdeth me”.  The right hand was used by fathers to bless the firstborn son, therefore the right hand is a place of blessing.  Many times Gods blessing has upheld me.  How has Gods blessing upheld you? 
Praise the Lord this week until you feel like you are rejoicing in the shadow of His wing.  Get close to Him, experience His presence, taste and see that the Lord is good!