Monday, January 16, 2012

Week 7 Moment with the Master

A Moment with the Master: Week 7
1.      Read James 1:9-11 after praying for wisdom and understanding.  These verses can seem confusing but take a guess at what they mean to stretch your brain muscles.  J  Or you could use a Bible commentary or the internet to discover what they mean.  That’s one way to study your Bible on your own.  (Pick a Scripture passage and look it up in commentaries or the internet).  Here are some of my thoughts on these verses.  God exalts (lifts up) the humble man/woman of low degree and he humbles the rich.  God humbles the rich at times so they will not trust in their riches.  Their riches will not last forever, they will fade away as quick as a flower lives and dies.  Your current condition in life is temporary because we will all perish one day.  Therefore, if you are poor rejoice that in Heaven you will be rich!  If you are rich, you mine as well give liberally to the Lord so you will have treasure in Heaven because it will not last on the earth.
2.      Read James 1:12.  You are blessed when you go through temptation and do not fall into the temptation.  The Lord will reward you for that.  List some other benefits of going through temptation and not succumbing to it.
3.      Read James 1:13. Does God tempt us?  Can God be tempted with evil?
4.      Read James 1:14.  When is every person tempted?  Have you seen this happen in your life?  God does not tempt us to do wrong.  Our own lust and bad desires draw us away and tempt us.
5.      Read James 1:15. What happens when lust is conceived?  What is the end result of sin?  When a person is living in sin it may be fun and enjoyable for many years but if they stay in it long enough it will bring death…spiritually and emotionally and maybe even physically.  Some people try a drug once and it kills them.  Others are in it for years.  God is patient and long suffering and if you are a child of God in sin then He will discipline you to get you to come out of it.  Sin should scare us in a way and we should fear the Lord and depart from evil.

Application:  Ask the Lord to search your heart and show you any sins in your life.  Be ready for him to show you and ask for the courage to repent and get rid of them so you can see the power of God work in your life.  Beg God for His touch on your life.  Love ya sisters, Brandi

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