Friday, March 25, 2011

What Can you Digest?

Sometimes our bodies need help digesting food because of various reasons.  Papaya mint tablets or chewables is something you can buy at a health food store ro help your food digest.  I bought these when I had eaten chili from Wendy's for a week straight while out of town and I got the worst indigestion and acid reflux at night!  No kidding!  You eat them with your meal and it is so easy!  Peppermint and chamomile also help digestion.

Sometimes our spirit has a hard time digesting truth from God's Word, or a rebuke from a friend.
This is when we take a dose of humility and a cup of openess and honesty!  It is healthy to have a close friend of the same sex that you can share your struggles with and they can pray with you and for you...and sometimes set you straight!  The Bible says, "Better is open rebuke than hidden love."  You may have a friend that is a Christian but they are doing something that is not biblical.  Pray about if God would have you kindly share with them the good and right way.  In so doing, you are truly loving them so they do not go down a wrong and rugged path away from God.  This is hard to do and it requires you taking a dose of courage and boldness!
We are all on this journey together and the Lord desires us to spur each other on toward love and good works...and a deeper love for Him!  So, don't get your feelings hurt when someone rebukes thankful instead.  And don't shy away from an opportunity to love someone by sharing the hard truth!  Let it sink it and get digested!

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