Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Homeschooling Helps

My son is 5 years old and since September we have been using Landmark Curriculum for his Kindergarten homeschool.  It was going fine until the reading section got to the point that we both dreaded it.  The reading part was boring, dry and too long and "hard".  He did learn to read but It was not enjoyable for us and I even love to read!  They wanted him to read several pages of random black words on white paper.  I finally decided to switch our reading curriculum to Hooked on Phonics.  Someone had let me borrow it and we used it for Preschool but then I put it in the closet for some reason. 

We have been using Hooked on Phonics for a couple weeks now and we absolutely LOVE it!  He brought it to me on Saturday and said, "Mom lets do our reading!" 
It has colorful charts that you put stickers on for each little book they read so they see their accomplishment each day.  He loves looking at his ladder chart with titles of books he's read or will soon read.  The lessons make reading fun and smooth.  I highly recommend Hooked on Phonics for reading! 
Don't be afraid to switch curriculum halfway has been a great decision for us.  My son asked me yesterday if we would homeschool him through College because he liked it so much!  Ha!  Your attempt to homeschool may be discouraging or awful only because you have the wrong curriculum.  Don't send them off to public school until you try different ways and methods. 
You are your child's best teacher! 

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