Monday, April 2, 2012

Needs vs Wants

1.    Do your daily prayer time for a few minutes.  Include thanksgiving and prayer requests from the church and your family.  Pray for your Pastor and his family as well.
2.    Review James chapters 1-3 if you have time.  Go over the things the Lord taught you and share it with someone.

3.    Read James 4:1 and compare it to Romans 7:23 and Galatians 5:17.

4.    Where do wars and fighting come from according to James 4:1?

5.    Read James 4:2.  Why do we have not?

6.    Read James 4:3.  Why do we sometimes not get what we pray for?             Define the word lust.  The Lord knows (and so do we) the difference between us praying for something we NEED versus something we WANT. 

List some of your needs.  Now list some of your wants.                                    God has always provided for my needs, food, clothing and shelter.  He has also provided for our bills (water, electric, car insurance, rent).  If we choose to live outside of our means then God may not always provide.  There have been times when I have wanted to go shopping but could not because there was no extra money.  The Lord taught me patience and self control through this.  There have been certain WANTS I have had that I have waited two years to buy.  This has also taught me patience and self control.  These are fruits of the Spirit.  The devil plays on our lusts (and so does the world and media) making us think we deserve to have it all now.  This is a hard truth to live by but I believe it pleases the Lord.  There is more freedom in living this way and more simplicity.

Evaluate your life in this area and watch how you pray.  Ask the Lord to give you discernment between your needs and wants.

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