Friday, March 29, 2013

3 Kid Friendly Ideas for Easter

Resurrection Rolls and Resurrection Eggs have become our Easter tradition the past few years.  This year I hope to add Resurrection Cookies.

Resurrection Rolls are easy, fun, and they taste great!  Do them the night before Easter, or the morning of....whatever floats your boat.

Directions for Resurrection Rolls:

Give each child 1 triangle shaped section of a crescent roll
(crescent roll represents the tomb)

Dip a big marshmallow in melted butter, roll it in cinnamon and lay it on the dough
(these represent the oil and spices Jesus' body was anointed with)

Wrap the dough around the marshmallow
(marshmallow represents Jesus)

Pinch the seams...this is important

Bake as the pkg says on the crescent rolls

Cool, break open the tomb (roll) and it's empty!!!  The marshmallows gone:)

Resurrection Eggs

You can buy these in the store already made or you can make them yourself much cheaper.

Get 12 plastic eggs and label them with a Sharpie #'s 1-12.  You will place different items in your eggs and when you choose to sit down with your children or Sunday School class, etc. you will open the eggs in order and read the Scripture that goes with the story of the Crucifixion and Resurrection.

In egg 1 place a crouton or a piece of bread.  When you open it you will read Matthew 26:26.

Egg 2 place coins inside and read Matthew 26:14-15.

Egg 3 place a purple cloth/robe,Mark 15:17

Egg 4 Thorns, toothpick Matt. 27:29

Egg 5 Scourge, rope, string Mark 15:15

Egg 6 Cross John 19:17-18

Egg 7 Nails John 20:25

Egg 8 Sign Luke 23:38

Egg 9 Sponge (or a piece of sponge) Matt. 27:48

Egg 10 Spear John 19:34

Egg 11 Rock Matt. 27:59-60

Egg 12 Empty Matt. 28:6

                       Resurrection Cookies (I want to try these!) 



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