Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Emergency Surgery

When I was a teenager I had my wisdom teeth removed.  The next week I went to youth camp and ran and screamed and jumped and hollered. 

A few years later I had my tonsils and adnoids removed.  Soon after surgery instead of drinking milkshakes I begged my Mom for a chalupa from taco bell...and I slowly ate it.  I was hungry! 

Years later I gave birth naturally (supernaturally) to three sons in about four years.   Each labor was different but I was hungry after every one!  I will have to share my labor stories with you sometime.  Don't worry, they are wonderful stories!

Well, Friday I was having stomach pains all day and I also had sharp pains where my appendix was.  I doubled over in pain and told my husband it hurt worse than natural childbirth.  I broke out in a sweat and then got cold chills.  We decided to go the ER.

The night before I felt like I was getting a stomach bug.  I laid on the couch and rubbed Young Living's Digize oil on my belly and sucked on a ginger ball.  I never threw up.  The past few months I had been more tired than normal.  I kept pushing myself but I would have to lay down on the couch a lot.  I was having bad digestion issues but I thought it was my food allergy combined with a sinus infection making me tired.  I even took a pregnancy test but I am NOT pregnant.  Repeat.  Not pregnant.  So what was it?  

Its funny how God gently prepares you for things.  A few days before I had surgery I was thinking to myself that if I ever had to have surgery I would want someone to pray over me.  Then a day after that I had a dull weird sensation in my appendix and I immediately layed my hand on it and prayed, "Lord please help my appendix not to rupture."  It was like I knew.

Its funny how God's timing is perfect.
See, my sister has been at our house visiting.  She already had all her stuff here and knows where everything is in the house.  She knew how to help the boys with their home school and everything.  All of our family lives in Georgia so this was a huge blessing to be able to go the hospital and not worry about the kids.

When we got to the ER it was not crowded at all and they took us right back.  That was a blessing.  I was not in pain while I was laying in the ER waiting.  Another blessing.  I had friends and family praying for me...the greatest blessing.  I don't take lightly the power of prayer.  I believe God wants us to ask and pray in faith believing we will receive it and then give Him the glory and thanks for the answered prayer which proves He is real!

The nurses drew my blood and did tests.  The Dr. came and pushed on my stomach and about made me leap out of the bed when he touched my appendix...yelp!  They kept trying to give me morphine and nausea medicine but I told them no.  I didn't need it at that time.  I don't have insurance and I knew I would be charged for every single thing they brought to me or did to me.  (Like the time we were charged $20 for a tsp of tylenol for our son in the ER that he didn't even take!)  I couldn't avoid the CT scan.  They rolled me off away from my husband and put dye through my body to light up my organs.  I felt a warm sensation fill my body.  I prayed and breathed.  I thought about all those people who have cancer and face scary tests with bad results.  My arms tingled and almost went numb as they lay still above my head.  The test was over.  I was rolled back in the ER room with my hungry husband.  We joked about the pregnancy test they made me take.  I had not eaten in awhile now and I was so hungry. 

The nurse comes in and says that they have to take me back to surgery ASAP because my appendix is in the advanced stage.  It is swollen, red and infected.  They give me antibiotics through the IV which make me nauseous so then I take the nausea medicine.  We text our family and the church to pray as we try to figure out the million buttons on the hospital gown.  I briefly talk to my parents and in-laws and they pray for me.  The surgeon girls come in to help with my gown.  It's funny the word gown can be used to describe the ugly hospital attire and a lovely expensive evening gown.  My husband jokes with the ladies as they push me down the hall and on an elevator.  One girl was so cute and laughed and smiled and made me feel at ease.  I told them I was sorry they were called  in to do my surgery. 

We get upstairs and I still can't believe I'm about to have surgery.  The anasthesiologist asks me several questions and tells me to look up and open my mouth wide.  What?  Ok.  She said, "Your jaw popped so it may be tricky to get the tube down your throat when you're asleep."  I'm thinking, please don't tell me this just wait til I'm knocked out.  I remain calm.  My husband remains calm and hungry.  The Dr. arrives.  They ask a few questions and ask if I'm ready.  My husband prays for me.  The Dr. prays for me.  I squeeze his shaky hand and hope it doesn't shake during the surgery.  My husband leaves and they take me back.  The surgeon girl's phone rings and I worry a bit.  I'm rolled into a bright room as I look up at white tubes.  A mask is put over my face and she says breathe in deep.  Thats all I remember.  

I wake up in a different room hooked up to an IV with strong medicine.  And I don't even take Tylenol!  Did you know Tylenol is bad for your liver?  Anyway, another blessing is that my appendix did not rupture.  The surgery went well and I had an awesome view from my room.  Snow covered the ground and there was a pond and little fountains and a statue outside my window.  It was beautiful!  I stayed there through the night and left the next day. 

I have come home to cards, meals, sweet texts and emails, flowers and food...the love of friends and family.  Thank you to everyone and thank you Jesus for all your many blessings!



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