Monday, December 5, 2011

A Moment with the Master Week 2

1.    Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to teach you and give you understanding.
2.    Read Psalm 63
3.    This is a Psalm that David wrote when he was in the wilderness of Judah.
4.    Most Psalms are songs of praise or worship to the Lord, or heartfelt prayers to God.  Let’s let Psalm 63 become our prayer.
5.    Read Psalm 63:1a.  Can you say with the psalmist, “O God, thou art my God”?  Was there a time in your life when you realized you were a lost sinner and needed Jesus to save you?  Did you choose to make the one true God your God?  Having a relationship with Jesus is a personal thing that you have to decide on your own.  Once you are saved you can have an ongoing, intimate, and personal relationship with God.  If you are unsure of your salvation please talk to Pastor John or me (Brandi).
6.    Read Psalm 63:1b  Do you seek the Lord early?  I have a hard time with this one.  I do sit down and read my Bible and pray in the mid-morning, but it is not super early.  However, when I make the effort to get up early for the purpose of seeking the Lord, my day is always better.
7.    Does your soul thirst for God like the psalmist says?  The Webster dictionary defines “soul” as “the spiritual principle embodied in human beings or the moral and emotional nature of human beings”.  Thirst is defined as “an ardent desire or craving”.  What do you crave?  On most days, I crave my caffeinated herbal tea and chocolate more than I crave God!  When you crave or thirst for something you tend to want it ASAP.  We should be this way toward Jesus.  We should wake up in the morning “craving” to spend time with our Savior, Lord, Master and Lover; our King and Father who gave His own Son for us.  When I think about WHO GOD IS it makes me want Him.
8.    List some characteristics or attributes of God.
9.    Now list some things He has done for you and think about it…
10. Does that make your “flesh long for Him” a little more?
11. The end of Psalm 63:1 says, “in a dry and thirsty land where no water is..”  Like the woman at the well in our last bible study, she only had temporary water to temporarily satisfy.  Jesus is our living water and He forever satisfies.  We live in a world which tries to lie to us and tell us that if we only had a bigger house, nicer cars, nicer clothes, more money, a different body, a different husband, etc that THEN we would be happy and satisfied.  But, we are not made for just this world and nothing in this world will satisfy us, ever, except Jesus.
12. One of my favorite verses is Psalm 73:25-26.  Read these verses please.  I can’t wait to see Jesus when I get to Heaven.  Down here on earth my flesh and my heart fail everyday.  I mess up, I get mad, I complain or have a bad attitude and have to say “Lord, forgive me again!”  But He is my strength. 
13. What do you think it means that God is your portion?
I think of a dinner table with plates around it and a lot of food in the middle in big pots.  You grab your plate and put a portion of food from each pot until your plate is full.  You eat it and you are satisfied.  You had your portion, which was enough…be satisfied with Jesus as your portion today!

We will look more at Psalm 63 next time.

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