Saturday, December 10, 2011

Moment with the Master Week 3

Moment With the Master          Week 3

1.    Read Psalm 63:1-2  Why did David seek God early according to Psalm 63:2?
2.   During church services I have seen the power of God and felt the presence of God.  David had seen God’s power and glory in the sanctuary and it was so wonderful that He longed to see it again.  I love to go to church to worship God and sing to Him with other believers.  The Bible says “Where two or more are gathered together in my name there am I in the midst”…  Why do you come to church?
3.   When we go to church as much as we can, experience the presence of God through worshipping Him, and hear the word of God preached we will grow as a Christian.  However, God desires that we seek HIM and spend time with Him daily.  Everyday you need to be reading your Bible and praying a little so you will grow in your relationship with God.  How would you feel if your husband or friend only talked to you and listened to you one day a week when you were in public and ignored you the rest of the week?  Let us not do that to Jesus and only talk with Him Sunday.  He has a lot to tell you the rest of the week!  He has many promises to share with you and many prayers He wants to answer if you will pray them.  How exciting!
4.   Read Psalm 63:3  Why does David praise the Lord according to this verse?
5.   Why do you think His lovingkindness is better than life?
6.   If it were not for His lovingkindness we would be in Hell!
7.   Jesus had sympathy and compassion on us and He died for our sins.  We are alive today because of His lovingkindness.  
8.   Application:  Make an effort  everyday to read a verse out of your Bible in Proverbs and to say a little prayer asking God to fill you with the Holy Spirit each day.

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