Wednesday, January 16, 2013


                       There are five of us: Daddy, Mommy, Benjamin, Elijah, John

                        We had a family night and took the kids bowling, ate pizza and 
                     ice cream (I ate Subway), and just enjoyed our kids!
                                        Baby John kept trying to steal everyone's turn at bowling:)

                        The other day my oldest was playing a pizza game on my Ipod.  He loved it and was having fun making and cooking a pizza, but I thought it would be even MORE fun to REALLY make our own pizza.  He requested our favorite pizza, tomato bacon basil pizza.  (I think the recipe is on my blog)

          I think its good to let your kids cook with teaches them how 
                    to cook and it teaches you patience and flexibility!!

Elijah was loving it!  Daddy said it was the best tomato bacon basil
pizza that we had ever made....I think it was because
I let my six year old put the sauce on (mayo and basil pesto)
and then he rubbed the diced tomatoes on top all over and in
the sauce....which I thought looked disgusting and I tried to
make it prettier but I think all the nitrate free bacon on top
covered it up.  They always eat this whole pizza with no leftovers...
I think I should start making two at a time now.

All this to say, enjoy your kids with them, cook with them, eat with them ,train them and teach them but most of all love them and enjoy them so they will never doubt that you are crazy about them! 

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