Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Probiotic vs Sugar

I had three heads of cabbage in my fridge a few months ago and I knew I didn't wanna just boil it all or make coleslaw with it...so I think I mentioned it to a friend who told me to make homemade probiotic out of it. 

I had just been saying to my husband that I needed to buy a probiotic supplement (in pill form) to take to help with digestion and immunity.  Instead of spending money on that I decided to use the organic, locally grown cabbage I already had in the fridge.  All I did was ask my friends how to make it and then I looked it up again online right as I was making it.  I put carrots in mine along with the water and cabbage, all chopped.  It ended up looking like this...
   The longer it fermented the better it tasted.  Just start out eating a little bit with your meal.  My boys hated the way it smelled and looked so I was, and am the only one eating it.

Probiotics and fermented vegetables are SO good for your body.  I listened to an hour long seminar just on why fermented vegetables are good for your body.  Most other countries include these in their diet, but we don't tend to...except for sauerkraut.  Probiotics help your immune system, digestion, stomach issues and so much more.

On the other hand, don't think that I eat perfectly healthy all the time because I don't, I'm human and I do eat sugar from time to time occasionally...but I do it with guilt!  Who can say no to cookies at Christmas?

Over Christmas my kids made gingerbread houses but they demolished them within minutes. Here is what sugar does to my kids...
                                                          Oh, but he is happy
                                      Hurry up and eat it while Mom's not looking!
                         Baaaaad sugar high, they ran through the house like crazy 
                         people...but they do that without sugar too!
                                        Don't think this one wasn't in on the fun!
                                                 Doesn't he look mischievous!
                 Usually we do not eat sugar or junk food at home so when we do (like the gingerbread houses during December) they THANK ME for letting them have it!!  Now, here is proof that we do eat veggies...he's chopping carrots for something I made last week.  Man, he needs a haircut BAD!  Tonight I made the meatball soup recipe in Deceptively Delicious.  Oh, yummy, what a comfort food for a cold winter night.  Go buy that cookbook!!!
 Now, here is something we made that had a combination of healthy and unhealthy ingredients...My son wanted to eat the marshmallows that somehow ended up in my cupboard.  I was in the cooking mood and thought it would be boring to just eat marshmallows so I found a dessert recipe with marshmallows (and chocolate of course).  

We melted some butter and chocolate squares (or chips) and might have added a little milk.  Then we put marshmallows, sugar, sucanat, chopped pecans, and chia seed in it.  Stir it and place it by spoonfuls on waxed paper or just put the bowl in the fridge and get you a bite every now and then.  
If you taste it before the sugars in there its yucky, my son learned that chocolate without sugar tastes BAD!

                                 So, I felt guilty for putting some sugar and marshmallows in there so I added some chia seed to it.  Chia seed is a superfood that gives you energy, keeps you regular and has so many good things in it for your body...too many to list but you should check it out and buy some from the bulk herb store online.  :)  Chia seed is tasteless and you can add it to anything.  I put it in our pancakes this morning.  It works better if you add some water to the seeds until they gel.
    What should you take from this post?  Know that probiotics are great for you and so is Chia seed.  Add them to your life.  Know that white sugar and brown sugar are bad for you, try to take them out of your life as much as possible.  Know that I try to eat healthy but I still splurge at times.  Do all things in moderation!  "Whatever you eat or drink do it for God's glory!" 


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