Friday, May 20, 2011

Life Management

I am currently reading Life Management for Busy Women by Elizabeth George.  She is one of my favorite Authors because she can take the Bible and make it easy to apply to your life through simple steps. 

The first step in this book that is key to managing a busy life is to read the Bible first thing in the morning.  It sounds too simple to change anything, but it makes a world of difference!  My flesh is tempted to hit the ground running every morning doing my daily chores and numerous duties of a wife, mother, and homemaker.  Although, when I put off my Bible reading til later it sometimes never fits in the schedule like the Devil desires. 

Here is what I have realistically been doing:
I wake up at a somewhat different time each morning depending on how late I stayed up or if the baby kept me up at night.
I wash my face, and brush my teeth.
I put on my skirt and shirt for the day, throw my hair up and put earrings in.  (This helps me feel better about myself and look decent!)
I throw a load of laundry in the wash on my way to the kitchen.
We eat breakfast, (with tea and coffee) and have our family devotion led by my husband.

That is what I consider "first" reading my Bible even though I do all those other things first....because if I actually rolled out of bed and into my Bible I would not be awake enough to focus and would be distracted and hungry!  God sees that I am trying to make HIM my first priority by doing this before the rest of my day hits me.  Every time that I put God first by doing this my day goes SO SMOOTH and I get SOOOOOO much DONE!!!!  It always surprises me how much I get done at the end of my day with time to spare sometimes!  God honors it and multiplies your time!  You have got to try this at home:)  When I do not do this I never get done the things I wanted to that day.

Here is what I got done yesterday because I "put God first":
Daily Bible reading, prayer, family devotion.
Daily laundry.
Went to Publix and Post Office and chiropracter.
Unloaded what I bought.
Watered plants, did dishes, cleaned kitchen.
Fed and nursed baby and 2 boys 3x plus snacks.
Ate leftovers.
Homeschooled Benjamin.
Addressed some shower invitations.
Dropped boys at grandparents to play.
Got ready and went to revival an hour away.
Dated my hubby at Subway on the way home.

Also, I use cloth diapers which requires time to wash, etc and I bake bread (with the help of a bread machine) and bake from scratch.  All this to say that I NEED God to help me manage all the things I like to do to have a healthy and happy home!

When I put God first I have a better attitude throughout the whole day and I enjoy serving my family.  There is true JOY, J-O-Y when you put JESUS first, then OTHERS and YOURSELF last!   Try it!

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