Saturday, April 30, 2011 Audience of One

We have been in Kentucky this week because my husband is preaching a revival.  When we are away from home like this sometimes I have more time to spend on the internet or reading because I don't have a house to clean or daily laundry to do.  Yesterday I wanted a nap with the rest of the family but the baby did not, so I stayed up with him and looked up a few new blogs and sights I had been meaning to visit.  I was hoping to find some encouragement in the Lord (as a supplement to my prayer time and Bible reading). 

NOTHING can take the place of talking to Jesus and reading His Word...and nothing should:)  

Anyway, I found myself looking at this woman's blog who I did not know and coveting and envying what she had, etc.  I thought, "She is so pretty and her family is beautiful and the renovations they have done on their house are gorgeous..."  I did NOT measure up to this Christian family who seemed to have it all and do it all!  Instead of encouragement I found discouragement.  (Now this could just be my own insecurity and jealousy because there was nothing wrong with what she had posted!) 

I compared (which is easy for women to do) her awesome blog to my plain blog.  Then I sat there wondering what awesome thing could I blog about that would draw people?  The Lord spoke to my heart and said "Me".  Jesus.  He was the initial reason I started a blog, to reach out and encourage people from my home. 

Last night at church my husband preached on worship and having an audience of One: Jesus.  He said that we need to wear blinders to the crowd, the critics, and the crown (our reputation).  King David danced before the Lord and was unashamed.  I want to be like that and serve an audience of only One; my Jesus who died and bled for me.  In recent days I have not had on blinders to the crowd.  I didn't want to embarass myself.  When a 78 year old woman and a teenage boy got saved on Tuesday I wanted to jump and shout "Hallelujah!"  but instead I let out a sheepish "Praise God" because I didn't want to be embarrassed.  But, after being in the prescence of Jesus and being reminded of what He did for me I do not want to be ashamed anymore.  God has been soooooo good to my family and I.  He has answered so many prayers and been so faithful and true.  He is always ALWAYS worthy of our worship.  I tell my kids a lot that if we don't worship Him the rocks will cry out!  And then we commence to sing to Jesus!

I challenge you, like my husband challenged me, when was the last time you really worshiped Jesus not caring what anyone else would think? 

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