Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Cleaning

The pretty weather makes me want to stay out in the yard and clean the porch and everything else in sight that had been forgotten during the winter.  I LOVE Spring and everything that comes with it!  It is so refreshing to feel the sunshine after the snow.  God always knows what we need. 

Just like we spring clean our homes, we need to spring clean our hearts.  Normally, I would never let my porch stay that cluttered and messy for so long...BUT (fill in your blank here) I was sick or tired or lazy. 

Normally in my Christian life I would never watch that kind of movie...or gossip...or yell at my children...BUT I did!  It is time to spring clean my heart!  So, recently I have cleaned out a few things that were getting my life and heart dirty and sinful.  Is there something or some things in your life that you need to clean out?  Magazines?  Movies?  Books?  Gossip?  Complaining?  Stubborness?  Bitterness?  (Bitterness is like is HARD to clean and it can make you sick!)

I challenge you to take a look at your life through God's eyes and see what needs to be cleaned.  You will feel soooo much better!

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