Sunday, June 10, 2012

Is the Lord Willing?

We are still in the book of James!  I love the book of James!  We have taken some breaks so you may want to skim back over James chapters 1 through chapter 4:12 to refresh your memory.  Remind yourself of some things you have learned since we began this study.  Hold yourself accountable to the standard in God’s Word.  Whenever we compare ourselves to other Christians we can always find some that are doing a better job or a worse job than we are.  This is why it is imperative that we use the Bible as our barometer.
1.      Read James 4:13 and compare it to Proverbs 27:1.  We should not brag to others about what our future plans are because they could always change.  The Lord is in control of everything and we should say “I will do this if the Lord’s willing.”

2.      Read James 4:14.  What is your life, according to this verse?  Define the word vapor.  How does the end of verse 14 describe a vapor?  Read Job 7:7.  How does it describe life?  Has your life gone by fast so far?  We do not know what tomorrow will bring and life is short.  I heard a saying that said, “Life is short, pray hard.”  Life IS short so we should pray hard, love hard, and live it to the fullest in obedience to Christ.  If you knew you were going to die tomorrow what would you do different today?  We should think soberly more often.

3.      Read James 4:15.  This verse is why people say, “Lord willing…if the Lord is willing…”  Read Acts 18:21 for an example of this.

4.      Read James 4:16.  What kind of rejoicing is evil?  Have you ever boasted in yourself before?  Usually if I do this the Lord immediately humbles me in that area!

5.      Read James 4:17.  What is sin according to this verse?  This is a hard and convicting saying!  We are all probably guilty of this one at some point!  There is one time in particular that sticks out in my mind.  One dark night John and I walked out of a Christian bookstore together headed to our van.  I saw a Hispanic boy about 10 years old standing outside alone.  I knew I was supposed to go share the gospel with him but I didn’t.  We left and I have always regretted not sharing the gospel with that boy.  I pray that someone else was bold enough to win him to the Lord.  When this really upsets me all I can do is take it to God in prayer.  Read Luke 12:47 and John 9:41.  Therefore, do good when you know to so you will not regret it…    

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