Sunday, June 17, 2012

James 5

We are now on the last chapter of James!  Congratulations!  Take some time to get alone with the Lord and pray.  Thank God for what He has done for you and for who He is.  Ask for wisdom.  Pray for the church prayer list, our church family and the Pastor and his family.

1.       Read James 5:1-3.  Here James is talking about the rich heaping up treasures for the last days.  You may be rich, but most of us are not.  The rich are apt to troubles because of their riches.  They have to worry about where their money will be safe and secure at.  The investments, the banks, the stocks, the government…all things they have to worry about.  I like it better having barely any money so I don’t have to worry about losing it!  God provides enough for what I need. 
2.      What does James 5:2 say about their riches?  A lot of “rich” people have obtained their riches through corruption, greed and scandal and that is wrong.
3.      A commentator said that true value is only found in spiritual things, not in physical earthly things.  Earthly and monetary value always changes.  Prices of houses go up and down, etc.  Contentment is only found in spiritual value.  Those who only depend on riches will be disappointed in the last days when riches profit nothing and Jesus is all that matters!  The commentator says, “Weep and howl," James said, "for the misery that is coming upon them," cause you've tried to set yourselves up for these last days, you've tried to hedge against inflation by getting into gold, by getting into silver but now they're worthless.”
4.    Read James 5:4-6.  “So the Lord or James speaks out against the oppression of the poor or the oppression of the laborer by management, cries for inequity.”  Verse five speaks of those who lived in pleasure and lust.
5.    Here are the lessons I take from these verses:
Do not trust in your riches, but trust in the Lord. Proverbs 3:5-6.
Do not oppress the poor.
Do not only live for pleasure only.
Do not heap together treasure for the last days.
Do be wise with your money, give, and help others.
Be content with what the Lord has provided for you.

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