Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer Fun or Work?

Today was a hot summer day!  We ran some errands, went to the farmer's market, went to a church fellowship and then headed home.  I walked in the door and my boys immediately asked if they could swim.  I was a "mean parent" and said "No, you have to take a nap now and it's the hottest part of the day..."  So they took their nap while I cleaned the kitchen and then woke up and swam.  I debated if I should join in the pool fun or bake bread like I had planned and organize homeschool stuff for next year.  I decided to keep the 1 year old inside with me while I baked and organized and let Daddy swim with the other two boys.  Finally I got to a stopping point and decided to go have some summer fun with my boys!  I only lasted an hour in that heat but it was fun.  After supper I finished up baking and cleaning out old homeschool bins and material.  Here is the point to this blog:  even though it is summer time don't stop everything to play the whole time...but don't miss out on the fun because you don't stop working

 Your goal should be to balance work and fun this summer.  Break up your chores and cooking by going out to play with your kids.  Take them to the park and library.  Take them to the root beer stand and eat at the drive thru (even though it's unhealthy!)  Go ride bikes.  Play in the pool or sprinkler or slip and slide.  Host a party or a bible study with all of your friends and your kids friends.  Have a firepit and cook over it.  Go camping, rafting, tubing, hiking, climbing.

But don't forget, you still need to plan your meals and cook for your family, wash clothes, clean and change diapers:)

Ask God for wisdom in managing and balancing your time this summer!

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