Thursday, February 21, 2013

Raccoons and Roses

Things change when you get married and have kids.  More things change when you have three BOYS.  I went from fine china to chopping wood.  Now don't get me wrong, I love my boys and all things boyish.  I would choose to play ball over Barbies any day.  There are just some things, like raccoons, that I don't really care for.  

Awhile back when we lived in Georgia we had a small rack on the back of our Jeep Cherokee.  This was before my hubby bought a truck.  Well, he caught a raccoon in a trap and put it on the rack of the Jeep.  I found myself riding through the nice part of town with a raccoon on our car...and it was still alive!  I think I slouched down in the seat.  I just might be a redneck, a prissy one...

We commenced to drive to his families property (off roading in a 2 wheel drive) to a place to execute the raccoon.  Before marriage I had never done such a thing, or even thought about such a thing!  I got out of the Jeep and pretended I liked it.  My boys don't have to pretend, they love it!

A few nights ago some raccoons were trying to kill our chickens in the middle of the night.  My husband jumped out of bed, put on his housecoat, boots and gun and went and shot em.  Two of em.  We had a guest in our home who heard the gunshots and got worried....right when they opened the guest bedroom to say, "Were those gunshots?"  They saw my hubby standing in the hallway in his housecoat, boots and a big ole gun in hand.  I guess that answered the question.  

When you have a husband and 3 sons sometimes you get to do things you just normally would not do.  We had the opportunity to take all our boys to a monster truck show last week.  I told my hubby I would rather stay home with a book and a cup of hot tea with classical music playing.  But, I chose to go because I love my boys and I love seeing them happy and having fun.  They were so excited!  

                   It was loud, the couple behind us handed us these to cover his                            ears...there are blessings everywhere!

                                    He sat still the whole time, another blessing!
                             Why doesn't he sit still in church?
                                   My four year old came down with a fever while we were there but he did NOT want to leave...thank the Lord for my Young Living oils!!!  I rubbed some peppermint oil on him every 5-10 minutes and it brought the fever down.  I gave him Theives oil to boost his immune system.  It worked and he felt better by the end of the show.  These oils are amazing!  If we did not have them I think he would have gotten the flu.  Yesterday these oils (DiGize) prevented all of us from getting the stomach bug.  The only symptom we had was nausea and the oil stopped it in its tracks!  (See Member number 1288141)
 With three active boys and a hubby I would not go without my Young Living Oils!

So, the point of this blog?  Do things you may not like for the people you love if they love doing it.  

I ride around with raccoons but my hubby still buys me roses.


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