Monday, January 17, 2011

Being Trapped

The other day my husband set a trap to catch a possum that was in our friend's trash at night.  The morning after he set the trap he went over and got the trap with the possum in it, which was still alive-and ugly!  He put it on the back of our jeep and we drove it over to his parents property so he could kill it.  (I hope that isn't illegal!)  Everyone who drove by was staring at us and our trap.  My husband can be so redneck without even trying!

My husband, John, gets the trap off the jeep and opens one side of it to let the animal out.  It didn't go anywhere.  It just stood there with it's face against the closed side of the trap not knowing the other side was open.  I do this sometimes in my walk with God.  Jesus has set us free from our sin, but we still live in bondage He has set us free from anxiety, fear, depression, doubt, insecurity, vanity, lust, jealousy, drugs and addictions, etc.  "Being then made free from sin, ye became the servants of righteousness."  Romans 6:18 

It is like the Lord has opened one end of our cage and said "Come out", "Go and sin no more".  But, we stay in our trap because we don't really believe God.  At least, that's my reason...I don't know about you.  The Bible has some pretty clear (and amazing) verses that if we believe what they say, we will be set free!  For example, "Be anxious for nothing..."  Do I believe that God can make this verse real in my life?  It is so simple, but it is so HARD!  It does take practice, so let's practice together appyling God's Word to our life and allowing Him to set us free! 

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