Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy 30th Birthday Hubby!

Today my husband turned 30...he has been talking about this day all year long and it finally came.  He has been evaluating his life since turning 30 (I married a deep thinker).  He has done a lot in his life just since we have been married (the past 6 years).  He was a youth pastor and assistant, then went into evangelism by faith.  He founded True Vine World Ministries out of a trailor with his office in a small garage with no fancy desk...but Jesus was there!  He traveled to India and the Philippines to preach the gospel and do pastor conferences.  He started a church in Washington, Ga that is still going and many people got saved and baptized and encouraged in the Lord.  He served at a wonderful church in Kentucky doing many things and saw over 47 people get saved.  He has preached in many jails and seen men come to the Lord.  He has led bible studies and mentored men and loved on people. But most important, he has loved Jesus and loved me and our boys with a sacrificial love.  I appreciate and admire my husband for who he is behind closed doors and to the world.  I just wanted to make this tribute to my husband on his birthday and say may your next 30 years be joy filled and full of fruit as you serve the Lord.  I love you-my knight in shining armor!

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