Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Essential Oils

I love essential oils!  Once you become familiar with all the uses and benefits of essential oils they will become ESSENTIAL to you and your home.  I became an Essential Rewards member of Young Living awhile ago and we are reaping the benefits of using these oils daily in our home and in our body!  I am now an Independent Distributor of Young Living products and it is so easy because all I have to do is use their products (which I love) every month and I build up reward points for FREE products to use or share with friends to try.  

This week I have been diffusing Cassia (Cinnamon) Oil throughout my home and rubbing it on the bottom of our feet.  This is good to do if you feel like you are starting to get sick or catch a cold.   

I use peppermint oil when I need a quick boost of energy, to help my sinuses, and to help digestion issues.

I use lavender oil to calm the kids down and help them fall fast asleep.  Also, if they have a cough I rub it on the bottom of their feet and they stop coughing!

The other day I could tell my body was getting sick so I grabbed my Thieves oil and rubbed it on my belly and took a swig of my echinacea tincture and I was feeling better within the hour!  These oils really impress me and my hubby too.  That says a lot for him to like something natural!

I am very impressed with their DiGize Oil I use this one a lot too.  Whenever I get a stomach bug I immediately rub this on my stomach and it stops the "bug" from escaping your body (if you know what I mean).  It has worked within five minutes every time except one time it took a couple hours to work.  This helps with any digestion issues.  

They have oils for emotional health as well as physical health.  They have one called Peace and Calming that I just ordered.  They have an oil to remedy just about anything you could possibly be dealing with.  I love natural cures for all ails! 

Did you know that in Bible times they used essential oils all the time?  Remember frankincense was brought to Jesus as a gift.  It is valuable!  Look in the Bible and find all the references to oils...you will be surprised. 

Young living oils are of the purest quality and are not made with cheap artificial fillers.  They are so pure that you can ingest most of them in a drink or food.

Check out their website to browse the oils and learn more about them.  www.youngliving.com
If you decide to order anything you will need my Member number which is 1288141.

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