Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hiding Vegetables

So, I told you about my exciting new vegetable coop in an earlier post.  My husband and I have loved eating the fresh vegetables almost any way I cook them....however, my kids are a different story.  They don't always like to eat their vegetables.  I have to sneak them in their food sometimes so they get the nutrients they need.  One way I do this is by putting pumpkin in chocolate chip muffins (see my recipe on my blog under muffins), or butternut squash in a sweet bread.  I also put kale in smoothies along with flaxseed or coconut oil or whatever healthy thing I have on hand.  I was coming to a road block and needed some new ideas when I saw this cookbook sitting in my living room... 
Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld.

I bought it at a yard sale cheap and had not read it yet.  I started reading it and it is JUST what I need!  I love when the Lord does that:)  Jessica tells you the importance of feeding your kids vegetables and teaches you how to make purees to hide in your kids everyday food that they like (ex. butternut squash in mac and cheese)The book tells you how to equip your kitchen and your pantry before you begin making the purees.  (I already had everything it listed except for a rice steamer).  Anybody getting rid of theirs?  Anyway, I am so excited to try these new recipes with vegetable purees in our food.  Yummo:)

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