Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Work boxes

I recently converted our home school system to work boxes.  I have no idea who came up with the original idea but it is awesome!  I love work boxes!  It seems to be more fun for the kids and they can see their progress throughout the school day.  It makes it easier for me and it's very organized.  I can easily throw the next days work in the different boxes the day (or night) before school. 

                           Here is a picture of our work boxes in the home school closet.

I purchased three of them at Walmart.  (The last three they had).  So that gives Benjamin (my 1st grader) six work boxes and Elijah (my preschooler) three work boxes.  

I cut out construction paper and wrote numbers on them and got them laminated.  Then I put magnets on the back of the numbers and on the work boxes.  When they complete a box they move the magnetic number to the other side so we can see that it is finished.  They enjoy doing this as well!  The only hard part is keeping my toddler out of this closet!  But I do suggest keeping your school bins in a closet if you do have a toddler.

In Benjamin and Elijah's first box is Bible time and devotions for the day.  We made notebooks that they decorated at the beginning of school and I put paper in them.  I copied several lists of character qualities and definitions, etc.  I read over them and explain them and they draw a new character quality each day.  Some times I make them write out the date or the definition.  I teach Elijah his shapes and how to write his name on this notebook as well.  Each day they love to do this part of school!

Then I read them their Bible story for the day out of a devotion I bought from

Then I read either Storytime with the Millers or Wisdom with the Millers.  It has stories about Bible verses in Proverbs and teaches character (which is my main goal for home schooling).

I teach them to memorize Scripture and we answer his Bible question for coop.

Box 2 for Benjamin is reading.  We use A Beka and other readers also.
Box 2 for Elijah is either a memory card game and his calendar time or a puzzle.

Box 3 for Benjamin is his math lesson.  I put his ruler in the box and whatever he would need.
Box 3 for Elijah is learning the letters either through flashcards, a book or Leapfrog Letter Factory DVD.

Box 4 for Benjamin is his math worksheets and tests.
Box 5 for Benjamin is his spelling words and sight words, including writing.
Box 6 for Benjamin is two worksheets on reading and language.

I also try to teach him piano as I am learning independently.  They also have free time, recess, snacks and meals of course through out the day.  They like to take turns being my "kitchen helper".  We do not do all the boxes straight through with no break.  It takes about four to four and a half hours to do school not counting recess, soccer (gym) and eating, etc.

When I had to go shopping yesterday the work box system made it so easy for my husband to help the kids do their school!  Try it out if your school system is chaotic right now.  
We love it!


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