Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Grocery Shopping with 3 small Children

Today I took ALL three of my boys grocery shopping at Walmart (yes, you read it right, all three).  I had to because my husband could not go for me like he usually does.  He enjoys doing the grocery shopping!  What a blessing!  We used to all go grocery shopping together as a family but John and I would usually end up in an argument over which item to buy, the health of it and the price of it, etc.  So John decided to go alone so I could have time to home school and plan, etc.  However, this time was different because he could not go.  I had to go because we needed food to eat, go figure.  I also had some nonfood items that I needed from Walmart.  I thought about what to do about this scenario....

so, I called a friend to see if she wanted to go with me,
but she couldn't, 

then I remembered Elijah had a birthday gift card to Walmart, and Benjamin had money to spend too,
so I told the boys that if they behaved in Walmart the whole time (key word:whole time) that they could buy a toy with their money before we left.

They loved the idea and could not wait to go!  I just did not have a way to bribe my almost 2 year old:)

I fed them lunch before we left and made them go to the bathroom.  I ate lunch too so I wouldn't want to buy everything I saw.

I gave them their money and we loaded up into the car.

                                              Here they are, count em 1, 2, 3...

I made them change clothes before we went.  I knew we would already draw too much attention to ourselves, especially if they were dressed like this!

I just couldn't decide which picture to post:)  Notice how the little one watches and imitates his big brothers!  Food for thought.

Anyway, are you curious to know how my shopping trip went with these fellas?

We got to Walmart and I prayed (out loud) in the parking lot that the trip would be great and that the boys would behave and that I would find everything I needed.  Little John was asleep when we got there so I put him in the stroller and let my (now) 4 year old push him.  My oldest son pushed the buggy (or as you say, grocery cart).  I carried my purse on my shoulder and led the way.  They walked behind me in a nice, long row as everyone watched us in the store.  I was so proud to be their Mama!  One older lady even said "Good job!"  Now, normally my trips are not this good.  Normally people look at me and say "You have your hands full."  (I think they still told me that, though.)  

They were a big help in the store.  Little John woke up before we made it to the food side.  I fed them all pistachios to snack on and then a smoothie and string cheese while I shopped in the food section.  The little one finally wanted out of the stroller so I had to hold him.  My troops kept following me and sometimes asking when we would be done.  We were there for a LONG time.  Benjamin told my babysitter later that day that we were there for 7 hours:)  It must have felt that long, poor thing.  They got to buy their toy in the end and a lady helped put some of my food on the check out counter for me.  The lady in front of me gave me one of her extra boxes of graham crackers (that was about the only thing I couldn't find).  God blessed our trip to the store!  I also had enough money to buy everything I needed...haha:) 

Hope this helps you with your grocery trips! 


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